Evac+Chair Accessories: emergency stairway evacuation chair, mobility impaired building escape

  • Comfy Seat

    Comfy Seat

    A cushioned seat that provides additional comfort and support when used with the Evac+Chair. (more info)

    Ref: 1-326
  • Evacuation Controllers Tabard

    Evacuation Controllers Tabard

    Evacuation Controllers Tabard. (more info)

    Ref: 1-399
  • Photoluminescent Signage

    Photoluminescent Signage

    Photoluminescent Signage (more info)

    Ref: 1-314
  • Transfer Board

    Transfer Board

    To assist with transfers from chair/bed to Evac+Chair. This transfer can be independent or assisted by a caregiver. (more info)

  • Wall Hooks

    Wall Hooks

    Wall Hooks for an Evac+Chair (more info)

    Ref: 1-312
  • Yellow Dust Cover

    Yellow Dust Cover

    Yellow Dust Cover (more info)

  • Evac+Chair Stand

    Evac+Chair Stand

    A self standing support suitable for mounting the Evac+Chair avoiding the need for wall mounting brackets. Internal use only. (more info)

    Ref: 1-318
  • Reception Notice

    Reception Notice

    A framed notice to visitors to the building reminding them of their responsibilities in an emergency evacuation. (more info)

    Ref: 1-314REC
  • Anti-Theft Device

    Anti-Theft Device

    Protect your Evac+Chair or other building assets using our anti-theft device, which is fitted with a key-controlled alarm. (more info)

    Ref: 1-321/S
  • Secure Steel Cabinet

    Secure Steel Cabinet

    A secure epoxy painted metal cupboard for housing Evac+Chair under key-holder management. (more info)

    Ref: 1-330
  • Mini-Stretcher


    A versatile handing device for lifting patients in bed to bed transfers and strategic stairway evacuation. (more info)

    Ref: 1-340
  • Patient Carrier Seat

    Patient Carrier Seat

    A portable transfer device for lifting incapacitated persons from a wheelchair into or out of an Evac+Chair. (more info)

    Ref: 1-325
  • IBEX 0xygen Bottle Holder

    IBEX 0xygen Bottle Holder

    Nylon Oxygen bottle holder (more info)

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