Evac+Chair Help the Police to Escape!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Police stations in the West Midlands have been equipped with Evac+Chairs to cater for the emergency evacuation of mobility impaired staff under the Disability Discrimination Act. Around 100 chairs have been supplied so far.

The Evac+Chair is a simple, easy-to-use device which, in the event of an emergency when lifts cannot be used, could prove a life saving investment for West Midlands Police.

The lightweight unit allows one person to transport another downstairs or on the flat quickly and safely with only a minimum amount of training required and very little physical strength. The smooth, controlled operation of the Evac+Chair is due to the interface of specially modified V belts which work continuously to slow down descent over stair nosings in proportion to the weight of the passenger, which can be as much as 150kg with the new Mk 3 model.

The Evac+Chair is also a popular solution for employers and building owners because it is cost effective and hassle free. It simply hangs near stairs or evacuation points with a neat cover for protection, with no need to alter the fabric of the building in any way.

As well as manufacturing and supplying the equipment, Evac+Chair International also provides nationwide free site surveys, certified operator training programmes and low-cost after sales service contracts to ensure companies comply fully with legal requirements for due diligence.



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