Evacuation Aids

  • ResQMat


    The ResQMat is the perfect solution for swift emergency evacuation of persons who are mobility impaired. UNROLL STRAP and GO. (more info)

  • Ski Pad

    Ski Pad

    The patient is transferred to the Ski Pad, wrapped in a blanket and secured in place with the seat belt style straps and dragged to safety. (more info)

    Ref: SKI P01
  • Rescue Sheet

    Rescue Sheet

    The Rescue Sheet provides vital aid in the rapid evacuation of non-ambulatory patients. Located permanently under the bed mattress. (more info)

    Rescue Sheet
  • ResQmat


    The ResQMat enables carers to rapidly and safely evacuate people with mobility problems in an emergency. (more info)

    Ref: RESQMAT
  • Ski Sheet

    Ski Sheet

    The Ski Sheet is widely accepted as a vital aid in the rapid evacuation of non-ambulant patients from hazardous situations. (more info)

    Ref: SKI SH01
  • Ski Sled

    Ski Sled

    The Ski Sled is suitable for use in confined areas, such as congested hospital wards and buildings with narrow corridors or single width fire doors. (more info)

    Ref: SKISL
  • Mini-Stretcher


    A versatile handing device for lifting patients in bed to bed transfers and strategic stairway evacuation. (more info)

    Ref: 1-340
  • Patient Carrier Seat

    Patient Carrier Seat

    A portable transfer device for lifting incapacitated persons from a wheelchair into or out of an Evac+Chair. (more info)

    Ref: 1-325
  • Emergency Kit

    Emergency Kit

    Emergency Kit stocked with a large variety of products which may be needed in an emergency situation. (more info)

    Ref: EMERKIT
  • RescQAssist


    The RescQ Assist First Aid kit is stocked with a large variety of products which may be needed in a first aid or emergency situation. (more info)

    Ref: Q50, Q100
  • Deaf Alerter

    Deaf Alerter

    The Deaf Alerter is a radio based refuge communication system that indicates when and where someone needs help. (more info)

    Ref: DEAFAL
  • Evacuation Management

    Evacuation Management

    The uniquely designed TAGEVAC™ system provides a fast, simple and safe method for checking zones have been cleared during an evacuation. (more info)

    Ref: TagEvac

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